Identify + Map It

Are you angry, numb, hurt or wandering in a fog of emotional pain?

Do you long for peace, resolution, to be understood, a clear way forward, HOPE?

IDENTIFY & Map It! is your help for emotional struggles; a tool that will GUIDE you to understand complex experiences with PRECISION and WARMTH.

Deeply rooted in empathetic Nonviolent Communication, it’s the result of decades of teaching multinational clients, families, teen camps, youth service teams and workshop participants how to know themselves, calm their emotional storms, make clear decisions and move forward.

IDENTIFY & Map It workshops are offered online for groups of 2-12. Cost is determined by number of people in the group. For more information  on setting up a workshop for your business, church, HS or Campus group or simply a GROUP OF FRIENDS who want to deepen their life skills:  Contact 

Upon completing the online Skills Assessment

participants are emailed a Certificate of Completion   

This 7 HOUR training is offered in 4 sessions.   You will learn to to:
  • Understand and BE UNDERSTOOD

  • Bring PRECISION, compassion, understanding  & WARMTH to difficult experiences

  • Find a path to PEACE in the midst of suffering

“I’m a counsellor specializing in communication, relationships and resolving grief and loss. With over 30 years of experience, I’m passionate about equipping people to solve their own problems. Looking forward to being with you.”